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Phishers Sharpen Skills

Santander bank appoached me by email. They were concerned about my security while I bank online. “Dear Customer, Online banking in an enormously popular and safe way to access your bank account, but it pays to be aware of the ways in which criminals can try to gain access to … Read More

Scan now – receive later

I stumbled upon an article announcing a new “virtual” store launching in Korea. The idea is simple – people scan product bar codes and then the product will be delivered to their home – all from the convenience of their handheld. If you have ever been to Seoul, you probably … Read More

How To: Avoid Social Media Pitfalls

Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have transformed the way many of us keep in touch with friends and family. And not just that, but it’s also a brilliant solution to get the latest news headlines and for example sale promotions from my favourite online shops — all this … Read More

Scams Utilizing Google Music Beta

It is a fact that cybercriminals and other persons who attempt to trick you react quickly when a new product or service enter the market. The latest example shows that these individuals react even before release – in the beta phase. Google Music is a new offering from Google, released … Read More

“Successful” Twitter Malware Proves it Once More

Earlier this week new Twitter malware spread very quickly in the Twitter community. The malicious application tweeted two messages similar to the following to the infected users’ followers: directly followed by: Those who clicked the link and allowed the application to connect to their Twitter account were infected. The point … Read More

Damage Caused by Internet Banking Fraud Quintuples… What’s Next?

It is not a surprise, more and more people are banking online and thus cybercriminals move more and more into that region. Banking fraud on the internet is not new. It has been existing for a few years and with different variants of the Zeus Banking Trojan, many people became … Read More

Domain Name Scam Relived: AsiaGov

Two years ago a wrote a series of blogs on Domain Name Scammers trying to sell Norman domains we did not want and were “claimed” by “unknown” people. But if we reacted promptly, although they use a first come, first serve principle, they “generously” would allow us the domains. You … Read More

Kindly Check the Attached VALENTINE’S CARD Coming from Me

There are some (media) events, which inevitably inspire cybercriminals, for example: celebrity news disasters holidays / annual events The two former are difficult for the cybercriminals to prepare for in advance (at least in detail), while events of the latter type return regularly. Cybercriminals therefore have the time and thereby … Read More

IPcalypse Happened: Will the Internet Collapse? For $ale, my IPv4 Number!!!

As I mentioned in my blog from 16 January “IPv4: IPcalypse“, the available number of IPv4 addresses was reaching zero. That has happened, IANA Central Registry of IPv4 addreses is exhausted. Not on the predicted 11 February 2011, but 8 days earlier, today, 3 February 2011. It will be a … Read More

A Letter from a New Friend

The other day I got this email with the subject HELLO FRIEND: From T Mohamed Kindly view attach message for details. Very important…. Thank you The email had the file Confidential Letter.txt as an attachment. It turned out that my new friend “T” is kind enough to make an introduction … Read More

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