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Phishers Sharpen Skills

Santander bank appoached me by email. They were concerned about my security while I bank online. “Dear Customer, Online banking in an enormously popular and safe way to access your bank account, but it pays to be aware of the ways in which criminals can try to gain access to … Read More

Scan now – receive later

I stumbled upon an article announcing a new “virtual” store launching in Korea. The idea is simple – people scan product bar codes and then the product will be delivered to their home – all from the convenience of their handheld. If you have ever been to Seoul, you probably … Read More

How To: Avoid Social Media Pitfalls

Social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have transformed the way many of us keep in touch with friends and family. And not just that, but it’s also a brilliant solution to get the latest news headlines and for example sale promotions from my favourite online shops — all this … Read More

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