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Malware in the Watering Hole

Just when we’re getting accustomed to the terms malware, phishing and DDoS, someone, somewhere creates an even more obscure internet security term: the “watering hole”. But what does it mean – and how big a threat is it? On the web, a “watering hole” has the same meaning as in … Read More

April 2012 Patch Tuesday Addresses Critical Issues in Popular Microsoft Products

Right on schedule, Microsoft has released its monthly batch of security updates. The April update includes six bulletins, four of which Microsoft categorizes as critical. Microsoft rates the remaining two bulletins as important. In total, the six bulletins resolve eleven vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, .Net Framework, Office, SQL Server … Read More

Patch Tuesday Problems – When 30 Days Was In Fact 2

We recently wrote about Microsoft’s March Patch Tuesday. This month, the company’s monthly patch cycle was relatively mild, addressing six issues in total, but only a single critical vulnerability – a flaw that allowed an attacker to execute any code they desired remotely without authentication. According to the security bulletin, … Read More

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