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How to set a password to protect computer/phone


Have you set a password on your PC? If so – great! Your computer is now much, much safer than 35% of the population. If you haven’t, however, check out our last article “Why you need to lock your computer” to understand why adding a password to your PC is … Read More

Still using Windows XP? Read this

Windows xp

Is your computer still running Windows XP? If so, you will need to upgrade soon if you want to keep your computer secure, as the operating system will meet its death on April 8th. In computer terms, the “death” of an operating system isn’t when it stops working, but when … Read More

Windows 8’s Killer Feature: The Killswitch

If you knew Microsoft could remotely remove software from your computer, would you feel safer or more concerned? Inside Microsoft’s new Windows 8 Metro operating system, a “killswitch” could do just that. The killswitch is an increasingly popular piece of technology that allows companies to remotely remove software from your … Read More

I Take a Peek at the New Windows 8

Yesterday I downloaded the Windows 8 Preview. It was a very straight forward process even though at first I downloaded the preview with developer tools prior to reading the part of needing a DVD-9 due to the size of the file. So, I proceeded to download the preview version without … Read More

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